Relationship Based Coaching

Relationship Based Coaching


Is it time for a positive change? Have you thought about going back to school or getting a better job?
Vision Boards

Vision boards are a fun and inspiring way to paint a picture of the life that you want to live.

It can be completed either digitally or physically. Focus on a goal you have in mind and cut out pictures, words and phrases that support that goal or lifestyle and arrange them on the board.

Post your completed board in a place where you can see it and it can help to motivate you towards achieving your goal.

Education Resources

Minnesota State Community & Technical College


White Earth Tribal & Community College

Employment Resources

Rural Minnesota CEP

Wheel Of Life

The Wheel of Life is a self-awareness tool adapted from an original concept by Paul J. Meyer which helps to give a visual representation of a whole or balanced life. Take a snap shot of your life today and rate yourself from 1) not satisfied to 7) highly satisfied by coloring in that number in each of these eight categories.

The ultimate goal is balance. If this wheel were a tire on your bike, how bumpy would your ride be? What can you do to improve the balance of your life?