Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry

What is Coordinated Entry?

MAHUBE-OTWA utilizes the Coordinated Entry process to ensure that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access through a standardized assessment tool. We incorporate a “Housing First” approach in all our supportive housing programs and prioritize homeless assistance to those with the most severe needs.

MAHUBE-OTWA Family Development helps individuals, families, and unaccompanied youth (ages 16-24) with:

  • Finding someplace to live
  • Rent payments and rental deposits
  • Evictions and tenant rights
  • Housing stabilization services and counseling to help you stay in your home
  • Child support modifications
  • Assistance with down payments/closing costs
  • Various vouchers to purchase gas, clothing, furniture, etc.

To learn more, call us at 1 (888) 458-1385.

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